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Hi! Welcome to Spark Interest with Sara!

I am a preschool teacher, a curriculum designer, a course creator and a mum to a gorgeous boy who keeps me on my toes! 

Creating and sharing inspiring educational resources and courses for teachers and parents is my passion! I wake up every day excited to be able to be part of nurturing young minds and hearts! 



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The Ultimate Super Fun and Fulfilling Summer Bucket List for Teachers

Are you a teacher eagerly counting down the days until summer break or already on one? After a challenging year of hard work and dedication, you deserve a well-deserved break. And what better way to make the most of your time off than by creating the ultimate summer bucket list? Whether you’re looking for relaxation,…

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Dealing with anxiety and worry: 15 Effective Ways to help preschoolers thrive

Have you been noticing lately that your preschool students are coming into your classroom experiencing more worry and anxiety? I know that I certainly am. Perhaps it’s the aftermath of Covid where we as a society are just experiencing more worry and anxiety ourselves and that has shaped how our children are coping. Dealing with…

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Tips For a Preschool Teacher: 12 Awesome Friendship Building Activities

Our preschoolers are bursting to connect with each other! They want to make friends but sometimes find it challenging to connect in a positive way. So with this in mind, I’ve gathered some of my favorite friendship building activities I have used in my classroom that have helped my students develop those friendship skills in…